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Our goal is to provide you with a reliable method for personalizing your interventions and communications. We want to enable you to approach your customers and patients in a completely new way that ensure desired results.

  • The Challenges Facing the Healthcare Sector

    • Exploding costs driven by the dramatic increase in chronic diseases, particularly those influenced by lifestyle choices and bad health habits.
    • Limited effectiveness of traditional patient communication and intervention models yielding low engagement and less than satisfactory self-management.
    • High costs of communicating with patients at high risk for health problems or those with chronic conditions due to the high number of cases and the complexity of their individual issues.

  • The MassineBoecker Solution

    MassineBoecker has developed a new and more effective way for communicating with large populations such as those with health risks or chronic disease:

    We start by determining the individual psychographic and personal characteristics of individual patient and representative population segments.
    • We create a tailored communication profile that will stimulates the patient’s internal motivation.
    We adress the patient’s internal motivation, guaranteeing long-lasting compliance that enables sustained self-management.

  • What Makes Our Method Unique

    • We are the only provider that integrates all major dimensions of an individual: demographic, biometric, educational, sociographic, psychographic, and emotional.
    • Our unique method has long proved itself in Neuromarketing and now enables healthcare professionals and organizations to communicate with patients in a personalized and personality type-specific manner.
    By individualizing standard interventions, we offer a game-changing, cost effective approach.

With customized mass communication tuned to patients’ individual personalities, MassineBoecker marks a new chapter in healthcare and heralds a new era of Population Management.

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