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Each of our clients has specific needs and goals. However, all are challenged to engage their members, namely by program adherence and compliance of members, patients, or employees. Our deep experience in the healthcare sector enables us to offer tailored solutions.

As a result, our clients benefit by being able to offer a new standard of personalized intervention based on our innovative analysis that effectively addresses, motivates, and stratifies patients.

  • Physicians and Healthcare Providers

    The key interest of physicians and their associations is their patients’ sustained treatment and medication compliance. This requires an effective and cost efficient patient management system for therapy regimens. We support physicians and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with a system which includes:

    •  Patient classification via analysis of individual psychological characteristics and emotional disposition of entire populations.
      Patient segmentation based on potential compliance rankings that identify successful candidates for certain programs, studies or procedures.
      Composition, organization, and management of online patient groups.
      Personalized communication process alongside long-term treatment procedures.
      Characterization of entire patient base of physician offices and design of optimized communication for existing and future patients.
      Development of design guides for image campaigns leading to enhanced practice positioning.

  • Employer based Healthcare Management

    Employers seek improved ways to reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of  employee health benefits. Often employer preventive and wellness programs are new and unproven. In order to improve employee health and productivity MassineBoecker provides the following services:

    • Motivational and psychographic profiling of the workforce.
    • Analysis of employee fit and engagement with healthcare or wellness program options.
    • Active long-term support support for those with health risks and chronic conditions with automated outreach programs that are personalized to the individual’s profile.

  • Diagnostic

    Customer loyalty is the foundation for a success in the highly competitive diagnostics industry. However, most loyalty programs are indirect, costly, and fail to provide customer interaction, resulting in limited product differentiation. We support the connection between companies and their customers with the following services:

    • Compliance analysis for entire (large scale) customer segments based on individual (or segment representative) psychographic characteristics, emotional state and motivation.
    • Design input for marketing programs that improve efficiency by adapting to the characteristics of distinct customer segments.
    • Product positioning plans targeting user groups through improved effectiveness and sustained long-term use.


  • Disease Management

    Disease management companies provide monitoring and support services for large groups of typically high-risk patients. Challenges include: (1) effective targeting of individuals to achieve significant cost savings through dedicated intervention programs and (2) coaching and teaching programs that actually drive self-management and improve behavior.

    Our system improves efficiency and reduces costs. We overcome the expense of costly call center based outreach through our fully automated communication system – dramatically increasing member contact. We offer services in the following areas:

    • Design and development of personalized communication technologies that provide fully scalable intervention programs.
    • Identification of individual patient’s compliance risks based on psychological profiling.
    • Targeting of member groups for proactive disease management.


  • Health Insurance Companies – Payers

    Health insurance companies ultimately rely on optimizing the member behavior in order to achieve ever-increasing cost reduction goals. They are challenged by a complex array of requirements, with responsibilities both within and outside the company. MassineBoecker can help to build the foundation for addressing these challenges:

    • Compliance improvement for selected population segments, such as people with health risks and chronic conditions, through type-specific interactions that stimulate their self-motivation.
    • Forecasting and designing the support needs for members with particular risk profiles, such as schizophrenia.
    • Analysis of current interventions and communication methods in terms of their effectiveness among subpopulations.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

    Multinational pharmaceutical companies require high levels of prescription drug compliance and patient loyalty in order to make their investments worthwhile. Indirect access to patients and their isolation from other industry players are significant challenges. MassineBoecker helps pharmaceutical companies understand their customer base through the following approaches:

    • Comprehensive and highly specific analysis of customer groups.
    • Analysis of marketing programs in terms of their customer segment-specific effectiveness.
    • Patient stratification for outpatient clinical studies based on indivdual’s predicted study compliance.
    • Ongoing patient support during clinical studies.
    • Personalized medication advice and compliance support.
    • Product positioning analysis based on the target group’s psychographic characteristics.

  • Wellness

    Companies offering wellness programs mostly address self-insured employers. Current programs are typically broad-based and address the entire workforce with no or little personalization. Effectiveness is compromised by often underestimation of secondary cost and high dropout rates. These programs still have not demonstrated their positive ROI. We help wellness firms improve their impact on the employer’s bottom line and assist with becoming more adaptive to the workforce at hand. Our system offers:

    •  Analysis and profiling of the entire entire workforces to streamline the wellness program offering.
    •  Ability to integrate the ViQ with existing health risk appraisals.
    •  Prioritization of available intervention options based on the employee population profile.
    •  Downstream segmentation and stratification of employee subpopulations to achieve wellness goals.

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