Open new doors in Disease Management.
By finding the key to understanding people.

We have a thorough understanding of the weaknesses in current disease management programs. MassineBoecker will help you to overcome these weaknesses and optimize the effectiveness of your interventions. 

Limited knowledge = Limited Impact

Traditional disease management programs predominantly use status-related approaches, which are insufficient with regard to the patient’s emotional disposition and individual character. They mostly address “external” behavioral management instead of stimulating self-motivation and encouraging patients to manage from “within”.

Because these programs fail to track the individual’s development and psychological change, they tend to have diminishing impact. For any number of reasons, these programs typically reach and impact only a small percentage of the target population. Moreover, even for this small segment the frequency and effectiveness of contact is not sufficient to successfully alter health behavior or change lifestyle-related habits.

Motivating All People – By Utilizing the Power of Full Automation

MassineBoecker has developed a system that can address large groups of chronically ill patients in an individualized manner.

We examine the psychographic characteristics and the current habitual disposition of patients and target groups. Based on this unique evaluation and selection process, we draw up an intervention concept considering the motivational needs and communication preferences of each individual patient.

These individualized interventions enable type-specific, reliable stimulation of the patient’s self-motivation, which results in positive, long-lasting improvement. Our software can be integrated with your existing systems and ensures a high degree of user acceptance. The measures are fully automated and scalable. The result is increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Our System Can Be Integrated into All Standard Intervention Measures

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