With this segmentation and detailed profiling, MassineBoecker provides companies with a whole new way of selecting and managing individuals. The method enables decisive evaluation and effective stimulation of individuals’ intrinsic motivation.

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Our Expertise in Action.

Our solutions can be implemented on a one-time or modular basis, depending on client needs. Our methodologies and solutions are founded on our many years of experience and successes in population management.

Overview of our Solutions


Profiling and Target Group Segmentation

MassineBoecker analyzes your customers/patients in unprecedented depth: from the stratification of individual candidates for clinical studies to profile analysis and the segmentation for larger populations. How do we draw up a unique profile? With the help of data components that link the passive analysis of readily available demographic and data mining with an interactive information analysis technique – the sociographic and psychological profiling methodology ViQ®*. We also consider current emotional disposition and personality type, as well as personal abilities and preferences in terms of content, design, tone and choice of communication channel.

Customer Communication Analysis

We review your customer communication and loyalty measures and analyze the effectiveness of both current and planned initiatives. We compare current outreach activities (design, tone, choice of channel) with the psychological characteristics of the various target groups and show where there is room for improvement. With these insights, our customers can evaluate and optimize the efficiency of their measures with increased precision.

*ViQ® = Visual Questionnaire: a visual testing method that investigates the core unconscious personality traits of the individual.

Development of Personalized Intervention Measures

Our vision is to be the leading strategic and tactical provider of short- and long-term support for patients’ self-management. We continuously enhance our knowledge database, which is rule-bound and dynamically adaptable. It configures automatically to new information to ensure our outreach is fully current with respect to our target groups’ situation.

Support in the Implementation of Intervention Measures

We actively assist you in the implementation of various measures. In doing so, we work with a system that is comparable to an ever-growing knowledge database: rule-bound and dynamically changeable. It responds automatically to any new information, meaning that the measures can be adapted in line with target group developments.

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We support your patient communications with numerous methods. We enable you to address patients in line with their personal preferences and thus more easily effect the desired long-term changes in behavior. 


Patient Management

We have a thorough understanding of the weaknesses in current disease management programs. MassineBoecker will help you to overcome these weaknesses and optimize the effectiveness of planned interventions. 


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