Recent approaches to personalization

In the market today, several solutions claim to personalize the patient experience; however, they all achieve this through self-reporting methods.

The Human Bias

Although existing methods have value, they are fraught with one fundamental flaw: the human bias. That is, the respondent cannot help but respond to the question with the thought “How does the receiver want me to answer this?”

The field of psychology has revealed that human beings can be vastly different from one another in how they think and behave. For example, some individuals prefer to receive information that is presented as realistic and concrete, whereas others prefer a presentation that is more abstract and imaginative.

This knowledge about the human psyche has been leveraged for many years in the retail industry to tailor advertising to certain market segments to achieve high engagement and sales. Yet, this same science has not been applied to one of the most fundamental challenges of today: understanding when and how to engage individuals in managing their health.

An approach that has not yet been tested is to study individuals ́ modes of thinking and behavior styles and their relationship to self-care decisions.

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