Why use STRATUM™

STRATUM™ measures the individual’s mode of thinking – that is, the intuitive decision-making process. The method avoids the use of explicit questioning, thus removing the bias.

Each patient is different, not only in their medical history and clinical interactions, but also in their attitudes, belief structures and learning styles – their neuropsychological profiles.

These profiles must be revealed in order to effectively personalize interventions that are most likely to achieve the desired result.

It has been shown in many studies that the use of the MassineBoecker method allows for the classification patients along their intrinsic behavior patterns. Based on this, a segmentation can be conducted which provides a prediction of anticipated compliance issues that can be addressed via personalized interventions. With the STRATUM™ approach to patient segmentation, sponsors and providers can understand their study participants at a new level.

The STRATUM™ method addresses the increasing problem of patient recruitment and retention breakdowns. The method reveals which of the study candidates are likely to fail at meeting the protocol requirements, and enables MassineBoecker to recommend or provide strategies which will improve patient adherence. Applying this understanding and personalizing the interventions can substantially reduce delays due to unfulfilled enrollment and patient non-adherence, which can easily culminate in millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Our science has the ability to reveal:

  • The positively motivated patient who takes responsibility and sees himself as a proactive manager of his own health
  • The resigned patient characterized by sadness, who often exhibits low competence levels and shows little responsibility (=learned helplessness)
  • The defensive patient (fearful, aggressive) who is often competent, but fails to take responsibility for herself and her condition
  • The submissive, serving patient, characterized by a lack of self-confidence, who demonstrates a high degree of compliance but little self-determination

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