Whether personally or with an App.
We’ll optimize your communication.

We help you communicating more effectively with your patients, address their personal preferences and effect the desired long-term change in behavior. 

Benefit from Our Support

• Direct communication (bidirectional):

Medication and appointments reminders; personal goal setting; preparation and follow-up of doctor’s appointment; hospital discharge support. 

• Online groups:

Selection of small groups based on their psychological characteristics; groups pursue activities and challenges tuned to their abilities.

Good to Know
MassineBoecker has developed a whole-new concept for the formation of online groups, based on individuals’ psychological characteristics. As a result, we assist chronically ill patients to join a harmonious group to receive tailored advice and assistance (directly or via online-group providers).

Mobile Communication

Mobile-device-based communication is the ultimate way of successfully addressing large number of recipients. It’s always available and ready to handle communication in both directions. What’s more, it is easy to update in order to reflect new insights and changes. A ‘mobile coach’ can be integrated into the small-group-based support offering an array of tools: online training sessions, group games, snap polls, support lines, important news and developments.

Dynamic Adaptation of Communication

Our fully automated communication with the target group will be managed through our communication engine, which generates short messages, drives quick surveys or issues small pieces of advice as appropriate for each individual patient. The system allows for timely communication of specific situations with broad segments of your population.

MassineBoecker Optimizes Communication in Four Ways