It doesn’t matter what your customers think,
What matters is how they think.

Our unique profiling method integrates various aspects of the patient’s personality. An individual profile is based on the determination of intrinsic motivators (e.g. measured via the proprietary ViQ® method), extrinsic tests (e.g. a survey on the subject’s educational background), and indirectly accessible data (e.g. via query of databases of health insurance companies).

Our system can be integrated with all standard intervention measures.



 The Unique MassineBoecker Profiling Method 

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The NeuroIPS® data collection procedure is a key part of our patient characterization system. This innovative method was developed by our Chief Scientist Prof. David Scheffer, along with Bernhard Mikoleit and their team.



Conventional interventions and instruments are often less effective than desired, often because patients are not addressed in a way that is compatible with their emotional state and motivations. Using the NeuroIPS® method – key to our patient characterization system – and a range of other parameters, MassineBoecker identifies the inner feelings of each individual and helps you communicate with them. 


A high level of patient compliance is the cornerstone of long-term, stable therapy success. In order to achieve this kind of sustained cooperative behavior, patients need to understand the plannend therapeutic measures and be intrinsically motivated to take responsibility themselves.



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